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Day 10 – Gold River to Comox Lake

Climb Elevation

Start Time: 06:00
Arrival Time: 18:30
Saddle Time: 12.5 hrs

I have to head east again and away from the west coast, something I am really disappointed to do.  However, I simply don’t have the time to navigation through the mountains which would be nearly impossible close to the coast with a bike anyway.   One day I will find a route, but maps don’t give much away given this area is a massive Provincial Park with huge mountain ranges with trails only leading so far up and across.  Much of the coastal route here is made up of islands, inlets and are completely uninhabited.  It’s a shame as Strathcona will be beautiful, something I will have to admire from afar.

I’ll get to enjoy yet more fantastic scenery but can’t hang about for long as it’s a pretty big day in the saddle.  The views of Upper Campbell Lake will be a refreshing view after several days on the coast.  I head back towards civilisation and skirt around Campbell River where I may need to stock up on more energy foods and spares for my bike before heading south through Courtenay once again and to camp on Comox Lake.