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Day 11 – Lake Comox to Tofino

13,872 ft
Climb Elevation

Start Time: 06:00
Arrival Time: 19:00
Saddle Time: 13 hrs

This ride is going to be tough!  130.8 miles on a bike loaded with all my food, clothes, camping gear, tools and equipment.  Hopefully my legs will have the stamina and strength to deal with this day and I will need to mentally prepare myself.

I can remember part of this journey I made in a car 8 years ago.  It was a hell of a journey by car, if it rains it will be a miserable experience.  I hope it’s good weather and there’s no problems with the bike.  Any major delays will force me to camp wild again, the terrain on this route is unforgiving – even camping will be a difficult thing to do.

14,000 ft of climbing in one day is a lot for anyone, I’ll be carb loading like a madman the night before and need to pack plenty of jam sandwiches for the trip!

Once I get into Tofino I will be one happy man.  It’s an awesome place, it’s just a shame I will only see a few hours of it before collapsing in my cosy little tent a broken man.  It may be that I use up my contingency day here if I haven’t already, 11 days of riding will have take it’s toll on me by now but I will see how I feel on the day.