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Day 15 – Port Refrew to Swartz Bay

8,513 ft
Climb Elevation

Start Time: 07:00
Arrival Time: 16:30
Saddle Time: 9.5 hrs

The final day!  I have banked a contingency day should I need it, so this may well be day 16.

It will be one full of mixed emotions.  I will be a broken man, probably broken after a few days into the challenge to be honest!

I’ll be finding strength from somehere to make it the final 115 miles back to get the ferry to the mainland.  I will be sad it will be coming to an end.  A year of planning, hundreds of emails to sponsors, manufacturers, police, inuit communities, logging companies, governments, RCMP, the army, survival experts, wildlife and conservation organisations, tourism offices, bike shops, travel agents, training for 12 months, leaving work, my friends and my dogs for a month to do the challenge – it will all have come to an end.

It will also be especially poignant as I pass through Victoria, a place I have been many times as a teenager staying with my grandparents.  It will bring back some amazing memories of places they took me, places I discovered and a place I nearly moved to when I was 16.  I’ll will probably take it easy through Victoria, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the moment.

Once I leave Victoria, it’s another 30 miles or so north to Swartz Bay up to the ferry terminal.  I will be exhausted, sad, elated and extremely proud of what I have just achieved.  I will have the energy to find out the total raised so far for cancer charity Big C and I hope it smashes my target.

And onto the next challenge in 2015, to be continued…