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Day 5 – Port Hardy to Holberg

9,347 ft
Climb Elevation

Start Time: 07:00
Arrival Time: 18:00
Saddle Time: 11 hrs

A day spent mainly on logging roads, trails and having to push the bike through forests and over creeks.  The roads will be unpaved gravel tracks at best, let’s hope for a smooth ride. Rather than take the direct route, I intend to head towards the most northern point on the island, Cape Scott Provincial Park.  An area of outstanding beauty but where the wildlife could be an issue, much of this ride I will be off-track and on my own with nobody for miles.

There have been reports of large packs of wolves in these areas along with cougars and bears, hopefully my wildlife awareness training will put me in good stead in case of an encounter.

Park Ranger David Jack advised me of heavy logging activity on these roads too, I’ll need to be extra careful as the trucks and machinery are ginormous!  There’s also the issue of dust in dry conditions.  Hopefully I won’t bump into any.

I’ll work my way over logging roads, through a swamp area and join up onto the San Josef Bay hikers trail.  San Josef is a stunning place which I cannot wait to visit, I am in two minds to camp wild here on the beach for the night or continue on to Holberg for supplies.   Although the ride is less than 100 miles, it’s going to be a very tough day through the rough with a heavy bike laden with my equipment.

Holberg is a tiny town with around 200 people living here, it was founded in the 1900’s by Danish settlers.  Apparently it’s noted for it’s copious amounts of precipitation.  I can look forward to vikings and rain then…