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Day 6 – Holberg to Coal Harbour

Climb Elevation

Start Time: 06:30
Arrival Time: 18:00
Saddle Time: 11.5 hrs

This will look like a very bizarre route on the map, after many attempts to find a route from Winter Harbour to Quatsino along the coast, I gave up.  I might change it if I get some local knowledge to try to stay as close to the coast as possible.

Still, 94 miles through very rough terrain where I’ll have to go cross-country for quite some distance.  I hope that the logging roads are still there and in reasonable, passable condition.  There is a high probability these roads will have landslides blocking them but hopefully nothing a dismount can’t cure but will make for much slower going.

Having scanned satellite photos for many hours, it looks possible to link up with Winter Harbour from old logging roads and head back towards Holberg and onto the tiny fishing village of Quatsino.  This is at the end of the inlet and I can only get to Cold Harbour by boat with the water far too deep and cold to consider crossing on foot.