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Day 7 – Coal Harbour to Port Alice

6,668 ft
Climb Elevation

Start Time: 07:00
Arrival Time: 12:30
Saddle Time: 5.5 hrs

The shortest ride on the trip, I’d planned for one day to finish at lunchtime for some much needed time to resupply, launder clothes, do some bike maintenance and rest my legs and body after a gruelling first 6 days.  However, I still have a fun time getting to Port Alice in the first place, after a relatively smooth ride up to 20 miles, I’ll start to hit a waspy ascent which whips up to 32% gradient in places with at least 1 mile at 20%!  Don’t blame me if I get off on this section for a breather and emergency gel!

The descent (and if I’m not crying into my handlebars too much), I can enjoy 15 miles pretty much downhill all the way.  I’ll need to be wary of picking up too much speed as these are unpaved roads which are likely to require some sharp handling in deep gravel pitted tracks.

I should roll into Port Alice just after lunchtime to set to my chores before relaxing in the local watering hole for a well earned beer, getting some local knowledge for the next day before bedtime. Zzzzzz