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Day 8 – Port Alice to Tahsis

16,051 ft
Climb Elevation

Start Time: 06:30
Arrival Time: 18:00
Saddle Time: 11.5 hrs

No rest for the wicked!  Hopefully a small rest from the previous day will give my legs the boost they need for this epic day!

A fairly rolling route with some gradual climbs and descents, the main concern will be the narrow road leading to the small village of Zeballos.   16,000ft is enough for anyone in one day, this will be a massive test of my stamina which will eat away at my energy in no time at all.  Hopefully there won’t be many large trucks on the road to hamper my progress.

The main issue I face is once I get to Zeballos.  There’s a mountain between me and Tahsis, a distance of about 6 miles.  Having studied the maps extensively, there does appear to be old logging roads that go most of the way to the top up 2,000 ft.  I’d need to hike with the bike another 1,000 ft unless there are clear runs through the forest towards the logging roads down into Tahsis.  Either way, lots of climbing on foot and in low gears on the bike.

The locals have recommended I don’t go up the mountain as they are unaware of any roads and would be overgrown and dangerous.  There are two routes I’ve mapped out from Zeballos to Tahsis, both have old logging roads and tracks but I may end up tracking along a creek if it’s not too overgrown.

Worst case scenario is I will need to get a water taxi to Tahsis, however this is $220 which seems extortionate for 6 miles on the water shared with other passengers!  I’ll need to save some energy for the haul over the mountain here, otherwise I might end up spending the night in Zeballos waiting for a the taxi!